First YouTube Video Uploaded – Season 1 Teaser

It only took five months… but here it is, our first video, a very short peek into the first part of Season 1.

This hasn’t exactly been a joy to create, and I’m not entirely proud of it… and I’m my own worst critic! (Aren’t we all?)

As I neared completion of the video, I heard the song track I selected for this video played in two videos on other channels. I felt a little crushed at first. I’d worked so hard to time the clips with the music and didn’t want to start over with a new track. I shrugged and moved on.

I’ve been working hard at my day job writing website content and outbound emails for Modern Sailing in Sausalito, so progress on videos has been very slow. I can only put in so many hours a day on the laptop before my body cries uncle.

I’m also really struggling with the idea of self-promotion, and it shows in the output. I haven’t been filming much. I feel weird talking to the camera. I live in my underwear (too hot for clothes here) and unlike some sailing YouTubers, I’m not eager to thrust my cleavage and my bum at a camera, and equally as uneager to put clothes on to film myself. It’s funny, because I love editing video… usually. I actually enjoy editing video more than I enjoy writing, and that’s saying a lot. If I don’t start filming more, I’ll have nothing to edit! Obviously, I have a few things going on within myself that I need to work on.

I will work on it, and will work on producing better videos too. Hrmph.

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