Mosquito wars and life in quarantine

October 18, 2020

The mosquitos here are quite determined! This little one inflicted quite a few itchy bites on us before I finally clapped it out between my palms. (Thank goodness this isn’t baseball or I would have struck out 20 times before finally landing a hit.) Tim nailed one on the ceiling last night, too. This is how we entertain ourselves so far during quarantine.

October 19, 2020

Today is our second full day of quarantine in Grenada. We are not allowed to leave our room except to walk the dog, but strangely we are able to visit the pool along with everyone else who is in quarantine. There are other pools for guests who are not in quarantine. We have all of our meals delivered via room service (this is getting expensive), and while I’m not working away on my laptop, we’re keeping ourselves entertained with Netflix thanks to Tim’s Amazon Fire stick and the TV in our room. It was good timing for Season Three of Star Trek Discovery to come out. Tim is as much of a Star Trek geek as I am, but he hasn’t seen the first two seasons. So we’re binging. Tim naps (and snores) often.

The bed is our whole world right now. I work sitting on the bed, we watch TV on the bed, and we even eat our meals on the bed. The pets are almost always on the bed with us, except for Dexter, who sleeps in his carrier at night. We haven’t used the table or the chaise once.

On Day 4, the Ministry of Health will send a nurse to administer PCR tests kits on us. We’ll have the results in 24 hours after that. With negative results, we will be cleared to move about freely. (We will still have to wear masks in public though, as everyone here does.) We’re wondering if the day we arrived counts as Day 1, or our first full day in Grenada (yesterday) counts as Day 1. While we badly needed to rest, we’re already bored and going a bit stir-crazy! In the meantime, here’s a look at our view outside the room. Not much to see!

A couple of the locals stopped by to say hello. Both the tips of their left ears are cut clean off, so we’re guessing they are siblings who were captured, neutered, and released. Cute little buggers, who have probably been successful in sad-eyeing food out of guests before.

October 21, 2020

We just had our COVID-19 PCR tests! We got to enjoy a very brief walk to a different room where nurses were set up to administer the tests and caught a glimpse of the sparkling Caribbean Sea along the way. We can’t wait to be free! Test results will come in about 24 hours. With negative results, we’ll be free to roam! We’re thinking positively for negative results and planning to take the ferry on Saturday to Carriacou to go meet our boat for the first time. CAN’T WAIT!

Mosquito Wars, Chapter 7

I am covered in painful, itchy weals upon awakening this morning. One of the windows won’t seal, leaving us with a weakness in our perimeter. But the enemy is slowed, heavy with its spoils. Its greed was a tactical error. Payback’s a bitch, muthaphuqua! And a tad gory, too. Though wounded, I have emerged from this battle victorious and will live to fight another day.

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