Safely Quarantined in Grenada

We are in Grenada! Pets, humans, and luggage all survived the journey in one piece. I cried tears of joy all over my mask when we landed. This has been many months – and years – in the making!

After disembarking from the plane, we were greeted by what seemed like dozens of Grenadians herding us through the process of checking our COVID-19 forms and text results, recording our quarantine location, temperatures taken, and contact information collected. Grenadian accents are beautiful, but sometimes difficult to discern, especially over the echoey cacophony in the airport. I felt embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves and speak more slowly. I was exhausted and confused, although I probably shouldn’t have been. It seemed like organized chaos and I felt entirely rattled but determined to appear calm and friendly.

Once the COVID procedures were complete, we shuffled through Customs and Immigration. A tall, slender, and serious Grenadian man peeked in on Jasper and Dexter to make sure they were alive, responsive, and seemingly healthy, and checked our veterinary forms and pet import permits. After that, we found our way to the luggage carousel to retrieve our luggage, then outside to the taxis. We immediately found a driver who knew exactly where to go.

Before we climbed in his van, Dexter got an opportunity to take his first pee on Grenadian soil. He had been in the travel carrier since 7:00 AM. It was now well after 4:00 PM. Poor guy. He was not thrilled to go back in the carrier for the ride to True Blue Bay Resort. Jasper the cat was surprisingly quiet. The motion-sickness pill he had in the morning kept him calm the entire time. He was finally allowed to emerge from his carrier when we arrived at True Blue, our home for the next five to seven days.

With 99.9% of everything we own sold and no longer holding a title or lease on any property in the US, we are now officially nomads, citizens of the world! It’s very surreal, and very exciting!

Can’t wait to get to Carriacou to meet our yacht! But first, REST. Lots and lots of rest!

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