A special kind of hell…

I am going to lose my mind! Packing for the Caribbean is HARD! I have three suitcases and two barrels I can fill, and the rest I need to donate, sell, throw away, or send to my sisters. I’ve already sold most of my furniture already. Letting go of my beautiful things that I selected and paid for myself was honestly difficult. Rehoming my gorgeous houseplants plants that I’ve mothered and hauled around for years verged on heartbreaking.

Somehow I managed to fit all what’s shown in this photo (and more) on a 28′ sailboat when I lived aboard in San Francisco Bay in 2018. (How did I do it???) These are the few things that have stayed with me after multiple moves and downsizes over the last five years. What goes to the Caribbean with me are only the most sentimental and essential items… and it won’t be much.

This is process is special kind of hell for someone who likes order and tidiness! I have to keep reminding myself of what I’m doing this for. …dreaming of sparkling turquoise waters and tropical breezes… We are less than a month away from our flight to Grenada!

Tim has it much worse. He has a three bedroom house and a large garage full of stuff and I know he’s working hard to move it out. I guess at least I can be grateful that I’m not in his shoes…

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