We did it… we took the leap

One year ago today I met the man who would become my sweetheart. When I joined him on a sail aboard his little Hunter 30 “Euphoria,” I had no expectations. I was just happy to go for a sail and make a new friend in my new home state.

Meet “Sail Be Happy” (soon to be renamed “Euphoria Too”), a well-found and well-equipped for world cruising 1993 Oyster 435 currently on Carriacou, Grenada in the Caribbean. As of this morning, SHE’S OURS! As soon as Grenada opens to international travel and nearly everything we own here in Florida is sold, we are outta here! My employer has agreed to keep me on as a remote worker, which means that…I will be living aboard a sailboat in the Caribbean with my sweetheart while getting paid to write about sailing. A FREAKING DREAM COME TRUE!!! I can hardly believe it… I have to keep pinching myself! And we can hardly wait to get to Grenada to start this incredible new chapter!

When we met a year ago, we had no idea it would wind up like this! I love life’s fun little twists and turns.

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